Welcome to the Irish Network Cleveland

Welcome to the official page for the Irish Network Cleveland. We are a business and social network open to all Irish, Irish-Americans and friends of Ireland living and working in the Cleveland/Northeast Ohio region.  As part of the Irish Diaspora, we share the bonds of common heritage, identity, and connection with modern Ireland.  Building on the premise that people connect through ideas, hopes, and actions, we’ve created a network with the goal of providing opportunities for our members to meet and build relationships in this region, across North America and ultimately through our contacts in Ireland itself. In so doing, they support each other in their professional lives, while strengthening the economic, social and cultural ties between American and Irish businesses here and Ireland – and at the same time have some fun.

We aim to conduct charitable, social, educational, cultural and economic activities within the Irish-American community in Northeast Ohio so as to encourage peoples of all nations to be conscious of each other’s cultural, ethnic and economic differences between individuals and various groups of individuals within their respective communities.






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